About me

About me

Founder. Doer. Change addict.

A strong believer that the understanding of how one individually reacts to change is the first and most important step to making any change happen, whether on a personal or an organisational level.







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Margo Walendzik

(Founder and Change Specialist)

15 Years of Experience

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Make the change happen

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I am a renowned business change agent, mentor, and international speaker with over 15 years of experience encompassing the corporate, SME and startup landscapes.

As the founder of Accelerate Change, I feature an extensive background covering organisational growth, progressive change management and inspiring healthy mindset transformations. I continuously leverage that dynamicity to support others in cultivating the high-performing futures they deserve. My interest in human behaviour and innovative growth has been the catalyst for me to become an industry-wide, thought-leading consultant. I am also respected for developing a parcel delivery startup, a medical services company, and founding the Change Awards.

Furthermore, I have accomplished this while simultaneously helping women capitalise on their strengths and guiding them towards unlocking new self-development and career success levels.

Are you ready to make people change?

Read about my holistic, well actually ‘wholistic view of change’ here!

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Wonderful Liz Bromely has interviewed me as part of her 'Exploring Excellence' podcast series. We discuss change during the Covid19 pandemic and also talk about how did I get into doing what I do and how can utilising change management methodologies help in adversity. 
Listen to the podcast here

It’s always a joy to hear that the work I do, has positive feedback.

I have spent over 15 years working for some of the most recognised and successful companies.